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Comparing Salaries: Landscape Architecture vs. Architecture in 2023

Have you ever wondered how the salaries of landscape architects compare to those of traditional architects? While both professions shape our built environment, their compensation can vary significantly. Let's delve into the data from 2023 on Design Salary Hub to explore the differences and similarities in earnings for these two professions. All data was provided anonymously by visitors to the site and cannot be verified.

Overall Average Salaries

Starting with the big picture, the overall average salary for landscape architects in 2023 is $82,116, based on 746 responses. This figure includes both licensed and non-licensed professionals. For architects, the overall average salary is notably higher at $94,800, based on 81 responses. This initial comparison shows that architects tend to earn more on average than landscape architects.

Impact of Licensure

Licensure plays a significant role in salary potential for both professions. Licensed landscape architects report an average salary of $97,121, while those without a license earn $74,475. In the field of architecture, the difference is even more pronounced. Licensed architects earn a substantial average salary of $123,950, compared to $77,310 for their non-licensed peers. This stark contrast highlights the financial benefits of obtaining professional licensure in both fields.

Early Career Salaries (0-1 Years of Experience)

For professionals just starting their careers, the landscape architecture field offers an average salary of $61,251. Interestingly, this is higher than the average starting salary for architects, which is $56,571. While the amount of data input for architects in this category was somewhat limited in 2023, this suggests that landscape architecture might offer a slightly better entry-level compensation compared to architecture.

Mid-Level Salaries (2-10 Years of Experience)

As professionals gain experience, salary growth varies between the two fields. For landscape architects with 2-3 years of experience, the average salary is $67,627. For architects with the same experience, the average salary appears to be slightly lower at $63,003. However, as professionals reach 4-6 years of experience, architects see a more significant increase, earning $83,923 on average, compared to $76,262 for landscape architects. This is likely because many professionals acquire licensure during this window of time. In the 7-10 year experience range, landscape architects earn an average of $90,610, while architects earn $88,076. Despite the higher starting salaries for landscape architects, architects catch up and even surpass their counterparts as they gain more experience.

Senior-Level Salaries (11+ Years of Experience)

For seasoned professionals with over a decade of experience, the salary gap widens considerably. Landscape architects report an average salary of $111,171, with licensed professionals earning $116,341. On the other hand, architects enjoy a significant salary boost, averaging $150,579. Licensed architects in this bracket earn $158,067, while those without a license earn $122,500. The data clearly shows that long-term financial rewards are more substantial in the field of architecture.


While both landscape architects and traditional architects play crucial roles in designing our environments, their compensation varies at different career stages. Architects tend to earn higher overall salaries, especially as they gain more experience and obtain licensure. However, landscape architects can enjoy competitive entry-level salaries and steady growth over time.

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