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Exploring Landscape Architecture Salaries in 2023: A Comprehensive Analysis

Ever wonder how much a landscape architect actually makes? Whether you're considering a career in landscape architecture, are already in the field, or just curious about the profession, understanding salary trends can be both enlightening and informative. Let's embark on a journey through the landscape of landscape architectural compensation in 2023 based on data submitted by users on Design Salary Hub.

A Snapshot of Overall Salaries

Imagine you're at the starting line of your career, fresh out of school and eager to dive into the world of landscape architecture. The overall average salary for landscape architects in 2023 is $82,116, based on 746 responses on Design Salary Hub. But wait—there's more to this story. Those who have obtained their license report significantly higher earnings, averaging $97,121. On the other hand, those without a license see a more modest average of $74,475.

Starting Out: 0-1 Years of Experience

As you step into your first job, brimming with excitement and a touch of nervousness, what can you expect to earn? For newcomers with 0-1 years of experience, the average salary is $61,251. It's fascinating to see that whether you hold a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) or a Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA), your starting salary hovers around the same mark, with BLA holders earning $61,165 and MLA holders only slightly higher at $61,355.

Climbing the Ladder: 2-3 Years of Experience

As you gain traction and confidence in your role, typically around the 2-3 year mark, your earning potential starts to grow. The average salary for this experience level is $67,627. Even though the sample size for licensed professionals is small, they average $69,335. Meanwhile, non-licensed peers earn $67,536. The incremental increase might seem modest, but it's a step towards greater financial rewards.

Gaining Momentum: 4-6 Years of Experience

By now, you’ve honed your skills and possibly taken on more significant projects. With 4-6 years of experience under your belt, the average salary rises to $76,262. The advantage of being licensed becomes more evident, with licensed professionals earning $80,808 compared to $74,544 for those without a license. This period marks a substantial growth phase in a landscape architect’s career.

Hitting Your Stride: 7-10 Years of Experience

As you reach the 7-10 year range, you’re likely well-established in your career, perhaps even leading projects or teams. The average salary reflects this expertise, jumping to $90,610. Licensed landscape architects enjoy a further boost, earning $94,229, while those without a license average $86,207. The gap continues to widen, highlighting the long-term benefits of licensure.

The Veteran Stage: 11+ Years of Experience

Finally, for those with over 11 years of experience, your deep well of knowledge and extensive portfolio command a premium. The average salary for experienced professionals is $111,171. If you’re licensed, you can expect even more, with average earnings of $116,341. In contrast, non-licensed professionals average $95,250. The gained experience through throughout the career path clearly illustrates the cumulative rewards of dedication and continuous professional development.


So, how much does a landscape architect actually make? The answer varies widely based on experience and licensure. From the early days of your career to becoming a seasoned designer, salaries in landscape architecture largely reflect the growth, experience, and actual value that professionals bring to their work. Understanding these trends not only helps in making informed career choices but also highlights the importance of licensure in achieving higher earning potential.

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